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  "Whatever you believe, you can achieve."

 What will you choose?    To be positive or negative?  

To keep doing things the same old way and hoping  things will change?

To be stuck in the passenger seat  giving someone else responsibility for where your  life will take you, and feeling like a victim?

OR are going to get in the  driver seat where you choose where, how and with  whom you’ll follow your journey?  

 “It is our choices Harry that show what we truly are, far more
 than our abilities!” 
-Albus Dumbledore, Headmaster of Hogwarts School of  Wizardry
 Living from a position of choice gives you freedom:

• You become unstuck

• You less frustrated

 You are empowered …by the realization that you have the ability to choose  between  different thoughts, actions, responses, feelings and more.  The possibilities are endless.

To Connect with your Inner Resources…

                   Dial specific codes into your body for specific results. For EXAMPLE:

Depression - Elim                                                          9999911111        x 1 million
Depression - anxiety Elim                                       14758385986       x 1 million
Serotonin - increase                                                    75795787789      x 1000
HCL - balance                                                                  69315171538      x 10
Allergy - milk casein Elim                           7364477334474334      x 1 million every 30 minutes
Pancreas - beta cells (diabetes insulin)                39486728676      x 10 million 6x/day
Ears - infection Elim                                                    98364867587      x 10 million every hour
Azithromycin – MED (Z-pac)                                   91466853688      x 100 million every hour
Oregano essential oil                                                    48673372378      x 100 million every hour
This gives you a sample of the massive Database that has everything you need for health and healing.

It’s time to… Dial into your health…to dial specific vibrational Codes or frequencies into your body to bring about what you want.

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Are you...

  • Worn down and Drained?
  • Struggling with Health Problems?
  • Bombarded with anxiety & Depression?              
  • Wanting more Power and Vitality?
  • Looking to Tune Up Your Body?
  • Ready to take Control of your Life? ​
  • Willing to Unlock the Key to Your Healing?

Healing With The Codes of Life©

The Codes of Life© are a powerful addition to any form of healing art, be it Chiropractic, Energetic, Eastern or Western medicine, yet they are simple enough to be used by anyone. They empower us in our own healing journey and help us take back control of our own health and healing.                           
​​EVERYTHING IN OUR WORLD VIBRATES WITH ITS OWN UNIQUE ENERGY     If you could look at any object under an electron microscope, you would see the individual cells vibrating with energy, and moving around in their beautiful dance of communication with each other. Nothing is solid.  - Because Everything is energy! - Our body, its organs, cells, and functions - Diseases, illness, and emotions, bacteria, virus - Foods we eat, the air, water, or toxins that we touch or breath - Herbs, supplements, essential oils, which assist the body to bring about homeostasis and health. Drugs, and Medicines which are wonderful in emergencies, but are toxic to our body.  - As well as the cures and therapies we need to overcome what has bombarded us.  - Alternative medicine is simply moving that energy and unblocking and balancing it to allow healing.  ​According to quantum physics, there is a unified energy field with no time and space that underlies physical reality. Everything is connected to that field. By learning to access that field  with energetic testing helps you know which supplements to use, how much, how often, and be able to detect what is going on with your body.  

*The information in The Codes of Life© - Database and all our materials is for educational and informational purposes and for the purpose of energetic balancing only. Please see your licensed health-care professional for all advice and treatment. 

Copyright © 2015 The Codes of Life, LLC. All rights reserved.

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Good Vibrations = CODES

Tune up your body by applying specific codes, which are energetic frequencies directed at areas of your body that are having problems. ​

The Codes of Life© has thousands of individual, unique, energetic frequencies, or "Codes" that target correcting health problems, increasing energy and balancing all aspects of our body so it can heal itself. Using applied kinesiology, or muscle testing, the positive energy is identified and then applied to the body to encourage healing and improve function. On the flip side, health problems are corrected by eliminating the negative energy vibrating in our body which causes disease and deterioration.  

The Codes of Life©  empowers you to tune up your body, tune up your life and dial in your own Supercharged Health!  

Power Up Your Health

Does Your Health Need a Makeover?

At ​The Codes of Life©, our mission is to help you when you are worn down and tired of the nagging, seemingly unsolvable health problems in your life. You will spend less time sick in bed while giving your body a tune up for peak performance and energy.
You will also spend less time at the doctor’s office.

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