Billie T.-
I've been impressed with the Neuromodulation Technique and your knowledge and expertise in applying it.  I feel that it really helps my body to heal.  Also, the emu oil has been very effective in healing my shoulder issues.  I'm trying it on my knees now, too.  The first time I and my husband Dave met Judy, Dave was coming down with something. Judy muscle tested to see what it was, gave him the numbers right there, and within 30 minutes it
was gone and never came back. We were both impressed.   


Judy began treating me for my chronic sinus infections, food sensitivities. I had been treated by NMT for over 2 years with another NMT specialist but I immediately saw more effective results. At first I was not sure what was different about her treatments but it didn’t take me long to understand.  She goes through the pathway, and not only does she double check as she goes along the way, she pulses in much of it, she checks to see if the pathway was completed successfully and if she gets any hesitancy in her MRT then she chases down the issue many times it leads her to other pathways that are needed, AND MANY TIMES SHE FINDS THERE ARE NO OTHER PATHWAYS THAT NEED TO BE DONE.  Another thing is that she doesn’t say, oh, your time is up come back again. She works with me until my body tells her that there is no other pathways that should be completed that session. She lets you know how much it is per hour and that it is up to you to continue to completion for the session or to only do one hour.

I found that I am healing at a much faster rate than before. The previous therapist seemed to choose what path he wanted to treat me with and limited the time. Judy verifies the correct pathways to use with MRT.  She says she is often surprised to see that it is not the pathway that she thought it would be. She carefully listens to me and makes her best judgment on which pathway to use, then MRT’s for it and when in doubt she checks with you.

I get infections frequently. Was on antibiotics every other month and it took two rounds to get me better. Sinus infections, skin infections, urinary tract infections. You name it. It seems that my body sees food and chemicals as infectious agents. I can only eat about 5 foods. There is only one brand of soap I can use and I have to use it on everything from skin, hair and laundry. If I use anything else I get an infection with in 20 min. It’s horrible. But, now we can stop it with NMT.  We have to do the IAP every few days. But I have not had to use antibiotics since she started treating me.  My skin has been cracking, bleeding and getting infected on my hands for the past week.  I couldn’t figure out what was triggering it and couldn’t get it to stop with AP or IAP. Then I had the idea that maybe it was the paper towels I had switched too.  I have never been tested for paper products so it never entered my mind. It turns out that it was the paper towels so the IAP was completed and bam the infection and reaction was stopped.  Over the past two weeks we treated a urethra infection multiple times to get it better.  

She has completed many other pathways too. The results have been astounding and amazing. She once emailed you about me. I am a complicated, complicated case. Some of the successes I have had are bones popping in place during sessions, pain gone, sleep improved, focus improved, my overall attitude is happier and lighter, allergies cleared, energy improved, symptoms of chronic fatigue are completely gone, sleep apnea is not bothering me anymore, rage from being raped are gone, she has helped me become emotionally stable for the first time in my life.  She has taught me what symptoms to watch for when an infection is setting in so that we can quickly intervene.  I was told I needed surgery for prolapsed bladder and anal but at my pre-surgery scope the surgeon was happy to report that I no longer needed surgery. We had completed many NMT pathways including tissue repair, combined with colonics and exercising in the pool to aid my bladder to float upward and relieve the pressure of pulling and the pain. I know that the Tissue Repair Pathway greatly helped because the surgeon said that the tissue is firmer and more supportive. My bladder is still prolapsed but half as bad and same with the prolapsed anal. I recently learned that acupuncture can give additional support for this so I told Judy and she said there is a pathway for acupuncture too. We haven’t done it yet but I was pretty excited.

I asked Judy to MRT my theory that my body sees food as IAs and she verified that I was correct. I don’t understand why but I am hopeful that it will get better and better as we fight to keep my body well without antibiotics. I came to this conclusion after being treated with NAET for a year with no improvement.

I have faced a lot of trauma throughout my life and it has taken its toll. My body didn’t get sick overnight so it won’t get better overnight but I am heading in that direction and Judy is giving me hope.   I won’t list all of the health issues I face but I can say that I am happier, healthier and have more energy than I have ever had in my life. I look forward to even better health in the future.

Judy has a special gift for NMT patient care.

JoAnne from Lehi, UT-

When the student is ready the teacher will appear, or in this case the miracle worker. Shortly after I started selling Real Estate, I realized I didn't like Blue houses. I was showing a young couple several houses , one blue , I knew it was a great house, but just didn't like it and could not figure out why.
The couple purchased the house, and a few weeks later my daughter and I were going to dinner close by, we stopped to drop off a gift. I said to my daughter this house is Grey, she said "yes it is". I promise it changed colors, it was blue. I knew I needed to find out what was going on. Because I realized I had never had a blue house, car, clothes, furniture or painted a room blue.
I had been thinking about seeing a counselor for about 2 weeks. A request came up to connect on Linkedin. See who else you might know. There was Judy Jackson, Hypnotherapist, I looked at her profile, Real Estate agent
was included in her resume, this is my Lady.
Through several sessions I discovered something that happened to me when I was 6 years old had affected my whole life. Influenced my decisions, prejudices, my whole existance in general. It only took over 50 years to realize
this thanks to Judy coming into my life. 
I have been completely overwhelmed going back all these years, and evaluating and trying to understand my life. Still a work in progress. I am constantly having ah ha moments. Its apparently never to late to learn and grow as a person, and stop being afraid.

Sierra, Bountiful, UT-
Judy has been great!  She has more than one thing up her sleeve to be able to help with whatever you are facing.  I had not taken a road trip for many many years (due to anxiety and other symptoms) and finally, with her help, I was able to and it went great!  There were a few anxiety moments but nothing major and I didn’t feel like I couldn’t get through.  The only thing that had changed for me was meeting with Judy.  I’ve tried almost all of it: NMT, Hypnosis, Bio Code, healing numbers.  I believe the reason I was able to get pregnant so quickly was because of the hormone work we had done using pathways.  Not only has she helped me but she has been able to help my baby.  He was having a reaction to eggs and I called her and she was able to help so a trip to the ER was not needed and within short amount of time, he was fine!  She will do all she can to help you!  And she does!  She is awesome! 

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Keiya B. Tasire, M.S. -
Judy Jackson is an experienced practitioner of wellness. She has helped me to overcome a bent out leg, difficulty traveling up and down stairs, and resolve some very personal issues. She is well versed in many modalities of healing. I experiences her use of Healing codes, Neurolignuistics (NLP), NMT, and Emotion Codes. I was in a very declined over toxic state when I began to meet with Judy. I now enjoy wellness and increased energy. She has a very pleasant, kind and understanding manner with her clients. I highly recommend Judy to all who desired continued health and wellness in their personal journey. 
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Bonnie V. -
"Judy has applied 5 NMT Pathways for me for so many health issues. I have reapplied them over the last year, and I have no migraines at all now. I used to get them regularly several times a month. I had severe pain in my feet and
that is gone. I could hardly use or lift my arms, and the range of motion was extremely limited, and that is completely gone now, thanks to Judy's work. She also helped me with a bunch of emotional issues and challenges. Thanks for your time and patience with me and helping me so much". 

Keiya T.-
Judy is a wonderful person and healer. She uses hypnosis and NMT to help alleviate pain and suffering. Her skills have left me a stronger and healthier person. I used to suffer with asthma and allergies to animals, grasses, pollens, wheat, milk, and other food substances. I had a misaligned right leg that made going up and down stairs difficult. Her use of hypnosis and NMT has left me allergy free, asthma free, and able to transverse up and down stairs with greater ease. I highly recommend Judy for her ability to help heal others with her skills. It has been a year since our last appointment and I am still in good health. Send her an email or give her a call. I think you will find her pleasant, compassionate, sincere, and willing to work with you on your healing journey.

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