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1. I first get your permission to assist you

2. Ask questions to discover your body's priorities

3. Use Neuromuscular feedback (muscle testing) to test the body's responses

4. Use the Governing Meridian to make the needed corrections

When our ‘energy body’ becomes imbalanced, it greatly affects our physical and emotional well-being, causing pain, dis-ease, depression, anxiety and a myriad of other symptoms and diseases. When these imbalances occur, and in order for a person to become well again, these imbalances must be corrected.

  • Exceptional intuition, providing reliable guidance and significant feedback
  • Keen listening skills to effectively hear what you are really saying
  • The ability to create enthusiasm and support for every client
  • Provides nurturing and empathetic mentorship
  • Confidence, joy and fulfillment
  • Exhilaration/Exuberance from discovering and living your True Purpose
  • Continued sense of greater inspiration and greater possibilities
  • Peace, renewal, self-acceptance and enhanced passion for life
  • Assistance in identifying your unique talents and strengths
  • Release emotional blocks through utilization of effective techniques
  • Delete limiting beliefs and doubts • Replace limiting beliefs with new and positive beliefs
  • Access your Deeper Mind for clarity and inspiration
  • Heighten motivation by increasing your resonance
  • Discover your True Life Purpose
  1. Physical Energy Body – this is our physical body – it, too, is energy.
  2. Etheric Energy Body – the etheric layer of our energy body located about one quarter to one half an inch from the physical body.
  3. Emotional Energy Body – This is the third layer. This is where we keep our emotions/feelings.
  4. Mental Energy Body – This is where our ideas come from. Our belief systems are stored in this body. Our thoughts are active and sorted out in this body. Our personal experiences are stored in this body.
  5. Spiritual Body – This is the final layer of all our bodies. Our ‘higher awareness/consciousness’ lives in this body.

  • Use the body's hidden 'lie detector' that will enable us to quickly identify and correct health issues with speed and success
  •  Use this knowledge to test and correct every type of imbalance, disconnection and distortion, with the incredible breakthrough mind mapping system
  • Quickly pinpoint and correct any health imbalance - from the smallest issue to the biggest problems (illness, disease, pain, injury, PTSD, depression, anxiety...) ​
  • Pinpoint the root cause and remove nagging pain or discomfort that may have plagued you for years - the one that is stopping you from getting out there and living life to its fullest
  • Become the most beautiful and complete you possible - discover what is holding you back and how to break through abundance and success blocks in your life  ​• Find real, lasting happiness - even if you have always felt like something is missing
  • Understand your past - uncover and remove inherited emotions that can cause tremendous harm ​
  • Get the confidence you need to make the right decisions - even if you are always unsure about which direction to go
  • ​Improve the relationships with your partner, family and friends - leave behind the trapped energy that is negatively affecting your relationships ​

Please realize some conventional tests are not reliable, such as regarding Parasites, when in fact a person may have them in their body, a conventional test may not show this. When these imbalances are not detected through conventional tests, they WILL eventually show up and cause disease with a myriad of symptoms in our bodies.


​**NOTE: Anyone receiving a Body Code System session need to keep an open mind and be patient with his or her own results. Some people notice improvement right away, while for others, it may take a while longer, at times, one week to even a month.

      A myriad of negative energies such as trapped emotions, Heart-wall, post traumatic energies, mental energies and saboteurs that influence our realities in a negative way and that keep us from moving forward. 

      Heavy metals, free radicals, chemicals (from medicines to vaccinations) and environmental toxins that literally pollute our bodies and prevent us from getting well. 

      Short circuits in the organs, glands, meridians, chakras and muscles, which make up our physical body and are on over-load, can cause low energy, shortness of breath, fatigue and dizziness. I can assist you in reconnecting your Spirit’s organs/glands to your Physical Body and vice versa, if they are not communicating with one another. 

    Fungal, bacterial, viral, mold and parasites, which sometimes are not detectable in conventional tests. These pathogens inhibit our body’s ability to heal itself. ​As a Certified Body Code Practitioner, I am testing for the energy field of pathogens. I can help ‘nip things in the bud’! I pick up the energies of any imbalance. For instance, a pathogen of mold could be from a past mold infection and these ‘energies’ of mold will cause imbalances in the body, as well as the pathogen of mold itself. 

    Bones, nerves, muscles, connective tissue and organ/gland mis-alignments can be detected and corrected using the Body Code. I can also detect what has caused a structural imbalance.

    I can detect pH imbalances, dehydration, lack of nutrients, vitamins/minerals, foods/herbs/essential oils, and essential fatty acids that your body needs to consume or to avoid, thus assisting your body to function at its peak! ​

The Body Code

The Body Code System is about finding the imbalances in our bodies (animals too!) that create the underlying causesfor illness/disease. This amazing System is a great preventer of diseases. The energetic body, which is the ‘energy field’ of a body, is a template for the physical body. Scientists are now discovering more about the ‘energy field’ of our body. 

“Our hidden lie detector is so powerful it can detect any health imbalance in the body!” Dr.Bradley Nelson

Your practitioner can communicate with the bodymind via the process of yes/no neuromuscular biofeedback, using your muscles as a response mechanism. Through these communications we can find energy circuits that are weakened, stressed, blocked, or broken. Then we re-establish correct communication between the brain and body. As a Certified Body Code Practitioner, I have had the fortunate gift of learning how to detect and correct these imbalances. Correcting these imbalances means going to the root of the problem and releasing any energies contributing to any underlying, hidden and/or troublesome imbalances and health challenges in the body.
​ Our bodies have their own Innate Intelligence to heal, if the conditions are right. This is what I do; I make the conditions right in the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies! ​Dr. Bradley Nelson, founder of the Body Code System, believes that the body is made up of pure energy. Modern science is backing this up in recent years. This energy can be negatively influenced in a number of ways, and symptoms of these energy imbalances can manifest as a host of health issues.
​ As a Certified Body Code Practitioner and Energy Healer, I check all that is listed below plus ANY particular issue you feel needs addressing; from mental, emotional and physical. These are the areas I target to detect any number of health issues:



I ask specifically where the pain is! We can ask a myriad of questions to find any energies that may be stored in your body, in front of your body and/or short-circuiting your body. This is just a brief example of how I work. We can also ask about any issue from immune system problems, weight issues, depression, being alone to any situation that is an issue for you – the list goes on! 

What You Can Expect: 
​“The Key to Fulfillment & Success” 

What You Can Achieve: ​

Judy’s Unique Talents and Approach:

​Customized Techniques to Help You Achieve

The ENERGY BODY is intimately connected with the neurology of our physical body. The neurology of your physical body is ‘hard-wired’ into your Energy Body. When releasing trapped emotions and other energies that are impacting your physical body in a negative way, your energy body will radiate a sense of well-being just by applying the Body Code/Emotion Code.

There are five layers to the Energy Body:

Use the Body Code to Restore Health by Removing Imbalances
Every issue you can possibly have has underlying imbalances. Removing these imbalances makes it possible for the body to return to a state of perfect balance and health. The result is a disappearance of pain, fatigue, disease, illness, depression and all manner of other symptoms! Put simply, the human body holds all the answers that we need to help it function at its absolute peak - but how can we access this limitless healing database? The answer is simple - combine the proven techniques of Muscle Testing with a groundbreaking new system based on the same sure-fire logic that runs every single computer in the world, to unlock the hidden healing power of the subconscious mind. ​How can we use this 'database' to quickly correct the health imbalances that are causing you pain, emotional distress and holding you back from the life you have always dreamed of?  By using The Body Code System - the most advanced energy balancing and healing system in the world. 

Accessing the Computer Mind: ​
​It is easy to access the information in the subconscious mind, and no high tech machinery is needed!
The subconcious mind is 90-95% of who you really are!
Because we have the built-in lie detector tool, we can quickly access everything about your health directly from the source...from the computer storage center that is your subconscious mind. This is like doing a search on a computer hard drive...your body tells you exactly where to search.
By accessing information about what the body needs, directly from the computer that is the subconscious mind,
the guesswork is taken out and we can get right to the source of the problem. The answers are already there.
The Body Code helps us ask the right questions, then releases the underlying cause of problems and disease, allowing the body to heal itself. 

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