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  "Whatever you believe, you can achieve."




For You!

We offer Office Appointments at: 952 West 230 N Orem, Ut 84057

Remote Sessions by Telephone 801-691-1001  Just as effective as in person in the office.
Payment for Session is by cash, check or Credit Card to be paid at time of service.

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This Site is For Everyone

Especially those who are interested in alternative health care that is literally
cutting-edge energy medicine custom designed to address your unique and special needs.

It is a place to come where anyone who wants to feel good, be happy, and enjoy life with a healthy outlook and body can find answers.

Contact us for more information about our Healing Center and learn more
about our special alternative modalities.Integrated Mind Body Spirit Contact - Judy Jackson,
Licensed CHP, NLP, NMT
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I Will Design A Plan That Fits Your Needs

I will be assisting you in ending illness, stopping pain & suffering, eliminating bad habits and addictions, relieving depression, and restoring your body's ability to handle stress, cope with life and begin to feel good. Believe it or not! You can be well and happy! I've been there, I am living proof you can do this! My oldest daughter has been there and is finally well. My youngest daughter who suffers from MS is now working with me and is now on her path, becoming happier and healthier everyday!
I safely guide you through your issues in a non-invasive, safe and comfortable environment using multiple modalities and therapies including Hypnosis, Neuro Linguistic Programing and Neuro Modulation Technique to correct and heal your body, mind and soul.

Those who actively participate in their treatment plan are the ones who gain the greatest benefits!

I want you to imagine...

Close your eyes and imagine... a beautifully formed rose with clear, crystal drops of dew on it... Imagine... watching and listening to a tinkling brook, the cool, clear water moving over moss covered stones... Imagine... a rainbow, the soft colors, against a clear blue sky... with the the fresh, wonderful scent of rain drifting through the air...Now, imagine... feeling the gentle, warm sun shining upon your body and the...soft, breeze gently blowing against your skin; feel it warming your whole body.

Imagine... changing your habits, changing your thinking, changing your life. Imagine becoming a better person, the person you would like to be, healthy, calm, and happy.



Life Healing Services

WARNING!!! Use of my techniques may dramatically improve your ability to recover from health and trauma related issues! You'll soon be experiencing healing and mending in your life and reversing your self-sabotaging ways. Together we will recover your health and your life! You'll quickly be remodeling yourself from the ground up. Learning safe and easy techniques to achieve total body transformation. You'll feel the power within yourself to achieve your goals, gain prosperity, and maintain your health. As your Holistic Healing Coach, I will lead you step by step down a path to finding and building a foundation of peace, health, harmony, tranquility, and make you motivated to achieve your goals and dreams.!

You deserve optimal health and wellness.

Let’s design a Holistic Healing plan that fits your needs.